Your Postpartum Journey – the transition from pregnancy to motherhood

♦ Have you read all the pregnancy and baby books, but still have no idea what postpartum life will look like for YOU, the new mother?

♦ Have you been told all about birth, but not how your life will actually change once the baby arrives?

♦ Do you know how to look after yourself during pregnancy, but not much about postpartum care and recovery?

Finally, here’s a book to help you adjust and grow into the life-changing role that awaits you.

“Do I really need another baby book?”

If you’re searching for pregnancy and baby advice, Your Postpartum Journey is not for you. There’s a myriad of exceptional books out there dedicated to those extremely important topics.

Instead, this book focuses on YOU – the new mother.

Its purpose is simple: to make sure that your needs don’t get neglected, and to prepare you for the transformative journey into motherhood.

Becoming a mother is the biggest possible life event a woman can experience. The changes are profound. Yet, while expectant mothers plan and prepare to take on the responsibility for their baby’s wellbeing, they often forget their own needs.
When reality hits, it comes as a shock. It can generate all kinds of negative feelings: inadequacy, low self-esteem, depression.
The rates of postnatal depression are soaring, and many mums suffer in silence. It’s time to change that.


“How can this book help me?”

♦  Would you like to know how to navigate postpartum recovery, so you get your strength and vitality back?

♦ Would you like to know how to make sense of the fact that your life has changed without getting scared by your world turning upside down?

♦ Would you like to know how to become a confident mother, so you can handle the challenges?

This book is here to help you with all of these things – and more.

Don’t hesitate. Go on and get your copy.


“Why did you write this book?”

I’m not a midwife or a medical expert. I’m a mum, who noticed a gap between what mothers are told, and what the reality is. When my son was born, I was surprised by how much I didn’t know what motherhood would be like, even though I had read everything I could find about pregnancy and babies.

I thought I was well-prepared – and yet, when I finally held my newborn in my arms, I couldn’t help feeling that something was missing.

No one had told me what was going to happen to me.

As I started asking other mums I quickly realised that I wasn’t alone with these feelings. They all said to me “I wish someone had told me that…”

So, I started asking even more questions – from other mums and from experts. I researched books and articles to see what has been written about the postpartum, and then I took all the useful stuff and gathered them together in this book.

It was written for YOU, with all my love – to make your postpartum journey smoother.


What readers have said

A beautifully written book with such strong insight, honesty, and love.”

What readers have said

I “This is a very useful book filling a huge gap. When I became a mother I was surprised by what was waiting for me. A book like this would’ve helped me prepare emotionally.”

What readers have said

A non-judgemental, full of love book, a gift from one woman to another. If you know anyone expecting, free them from the guilt of ‘doing it all wrong’ and let them know they’re doing it all perfectly well.”

What readers have said

“Upon reading Gabi’s book, I realised how much stress, guilt, and confusion I could have spared if I had this book when my son was born. With a decade of hindsight, motherhood is truly a journey. And it does matter how you set out on it. I just can’t recommend it enough to gonna-be moms, worth reading every page, more than once.”

About the author

Gabriella Ignácz (MA, MSc) is a wellbeing educator and author. She believes everyone is entitled to wellbeing and happiness, and is dedicated to helping people find joy in living. She is particularly passionate about empowering mothers and helping them have a positive experience through motherhood – because if mum is well and happy, that’s the best thing she could give to her children.

About the illustrator

This book would not be the same without the artist Roz Down’s contribution. Roz studied art in college but it wasn’t until years later that she discovered painting and drawing were very therapeutic and a way to channel her emotions. After years of working and living abroad in a number of counties, she now lives in Hitchin, a creative and artistic town in England. For more please visit her website Roz’s Art House. 



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