Honest Talk for New Mothers: things they don’t tell you at the antenatal classes

Congratulations – you’re a new mum!

Have you read all the baby books, but you still have no idea what it will be like to become a mother?

Have you been told the ins and outs of giving birth, but not how your world will actually change once the baby arrives?

You carefully thought out your birth plan; but have you planned for life as a new mum?

I wish someone asked me these questions when I was pregnant. When I became a mum, I was surprised by how much I didn’t know what motherhood would be like, even though I had read everything I could find about pregnancy and babies. I thought I was well-prepared – and yet, when I finally held my newborn in my arms, I couldn’t help feeling that something was missing.

No one told me what was going to happen to me.

Things were tough; and as I started asking other mums I quickly realised that I wasn’t the only one who found it difficult. They all did.

They all found that they knew everything about pregnancy and birth, but becoming a mother, being a mother was about something else. So many of them said to me “I wish someone had told me that…” – and that’s why I wrote this book.

I interviewed mums and professionals about the emotional journey to motherhood. The love and joy, but also the unpleasant things: the fear, the tears, the world turning upside down. Because it matters.

Women should feel empowered and prepared for the reality, so it doesn’t come as a shock. That’s what this book is about. We have to talk openly and honestly about the challenges of motherhood, because a lot of women suffer. The rates of postnatal depression are soaring, and sadly there are also a lot of mothers who suffer in silence. It’s time to change that.

If you’re currently pregnant with your first child, or have recently become a mother, then this book is for you. So let me ask you:

Would you like to know what becoming a new mum is really like?

Would you like to hear what advice seasoned mums would give, with hindsight, to new mums?

Would you like to know the opinion of professionals so you’re reassured that how you feel is normal?

Then come and get your copy from Amazon.

I know you’re busy and tired – so I made sure it’s an easy read and not too long; while illustrator Roz Down made sure it features some beautiful art work.


Ps.: And remember: you’re doing great ♥


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