Why you should never say to a mum of twins that it must be so hard for her… and what to say instead

What is your first reaction when you see a mum with twins? Do you say something along the lines of “I don’t know how you do it. It must be so hard!” Turns out most people say exactly that – and I must admit I’m one of those people, too. Antoniya, mother of twin boys,...

Oxytocin: the hormone that bonds you to your baby, and how to boost it

New mums are usually familiar with the name "oxytocin": it is a hormone widely known for the important role it plays in childbirth and breastfeeding. It's responsible for the contractions of the uterus during labour, and also for milk production and the milk let-down...

You too can have a great relationship with your teenagers – a mum shares her secrets how

Many parents will agree that having teenagers at home can be a challenging time – but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful relationship with them. Gita, mum of three children, shares with us her secrets behind the great relationship she has with her teenagers....

The most beautiful thing about motherhood

Motherhood is an unpredictable journey through all kinds of weird and wonderful things - as one mum said, "motherhood is the most difficult and the most beautiful thing in the world". Today we're only focusing on the beautiful side: we asked...

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Non-iron convenience: is it worth it?

Busy mothers will probably agree that doing chores is everyone’s least favourite thing. As the family grows and the kids are still small all the housework that is not absolutely essential will slowly slip down on the priority list – and ironing is usually one of the...

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Marriage advice from a divorced mom

This post was written by Sara Woodard-Ortiz, founder of The HeartFull Journey: Love yourself through divorce and beyond. The word contradiction probably comes to mind when reading the title of this article. What marriage advice could a divorced mom possibly give?...

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