Postpartum nutrition – what to eat for optimal postpartum recovery

This post is an excerpt from the book "Your Postpartum Journey - the transition from pregnancy to motherhood" by Gabriella Ignacz. Nutrition is an often overlooked area of postpartum recovery, even though it plays a very important role. A good nutrient-dense diet can...

Mother blessing: the wonderful alternative to baby showers every new mum should know about

Becoming a mother is perhaps the biggest life event that can happen to a woman - so how shall we celebrate and mark the occasion? Veronika Robinson, celebrant and author of The Blessingway, tells us more about a beautiful ceremony that might just be a much better...

Free postpartum care for everyone is not just a dream – this Santa Fe non-profit has made it a reality

The idea feels almost radical. To have in-home postpartum support freely available to everyone may sound like an unattainable dream - and yet, a small nonprofit in Santa Fe, New Mexico has made it happen. Many Mothers provides free in-home support to every local...

Five things you can do to find joy in everyday life

Around 70% of people are not happy with their life - so don't feel guilty if you're one of them. The key to a happy life is not waiting for big events to happen, but instead finding joy in the everyday things.  Happiness and joy are no airy-fairy notions. You don't...

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