The best tip for new mums who have no experience with babies or parenting

There are two types of first-time mothers: those who have experience with other babies and know what to do with them, and those who have no clue. I was in the latter category. During my pregnancy I was painfully aware of my incompetence with babies; I had no previous...

“Divorce made me stronger and happier than I ever was before” – a mother shares her story

Divorce is hard and it can leave a lasting impact; and yet this divorced mum is living her life full of joy. I was intrigued to find out her secret to such happiness. Gita shares her truly inspirational story with us.    I went through a very bad divorce nine years...

40 days for 40 years – why postpartum recovery matters, and how to facilitate it

The first few weeks of postpartum are recognised around the world as a crucial time. This period that lasts around 40 days is marked in numerous cultures, and not just in traditional societies: think six-week check up in the UK, US or Canada. This is roughly the...


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