“I’m not the type of person to sit back and say ‘there’s nothing I can do'” – a perinatal mental health advocate shares her story

Jennifer Norris-Hale is a perinatal mental health advocate and Founder of The Greater Good of Northeast Indiana. Following her 2019 TEDx Talk "Raising Mothers: It Takes a Village where she shared her isolating experience with postpartum depression, the outpouring of...

A sustainable society has to work for everyone – mothers included

There have been lots of discussions around sustainability recently. To counteract the unprecedented damage done to the global economy by the pandemic, the World Economic Forum has launched The Great Reset initiative: a commitment to build the foundations of our...

“People say nothing will prepare you for having a baby, but that’s not 100% true” – tips from a professional postpartum doula

When you're a new mum, it helps to have some knowledge about the postpartum. Danielle Bensky, postpartum doula and founder of Mothers Transition, talks to us about her own experience of becoming a mother during a pandemic, and how her knowledge of the postpartum...


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