Mother blessing: the wonderful alternative to baby showers every new mum should know about

Becoming a mother is perhaps the biggest life event that can happen to a woman - so how shall we celebrate and mark the occasion? Veronika Robinson, celebrant and author of The Blessingway, tells us more about a beautiful ceremony that might just be a much better...

Free postpartum care for everyone is not just a dream – this Santa Fe non-profit has made it a reality

The idea feels almost radical. To have in-home postpartum support freely available to everyone may sound like an unattainable dream - and yet, a small nonprofit in Santa Fe, New Mexico has made it happen. Many Mothers provides free in-home support to every local...

The Mother and Baby Program of Maharishi Ayurveda – a postpartum care program every new mum should know about

Did you know that Maharishi Ayurveda has a complete program designed for new mothers? Psychologist and postpartum rejuvenation consultant Ragnhild Rannie Boes, Ph.D. was the first researcher to study the effectiveness of this program. In this article she tells us all...

Five things you can do to find joy in everyday life

Around 70% of people are not happy with their life - so don't feel guilty if you're one of them. The key to a happy life is not waiting for big events to happen, but instead finding joy in the everyday things.  Happiness and joy are no airy-fairy notions. You don't...

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